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Community Leader / Big brother / Son

About Anthony


Born: Brooklyn, NY 1991

Age: 17 at time of arrest, 29 now (2021)

Goals: Influence ownership in black community; Own a "go green" light company


Anthony Wint was an innocent teen and community activist when he was sentenced to 45 years


•He was a Florida Senate page who influenced the youth to vote  

• Anthony Wint, himself a victim of the robbery, gets convicted and sentenced to 45 years at 17 yrs  old with NO EVIDENCE: NO FINGERPRINTS, NO DNA, AND NO EYE WITNESS PRESENTED DURING TRIAL

•Judge S. John Kastrenakes verbally uttered that Anthony Wint was guilty during pre-trail phase. This is recorded within the official written transcripts

•When Judge John S. Kastrenakes was a prosecutor, he was caught forging paper work to sentence person(s) to life sentences and the death penalty (featured on CNN Death Row Stories, click here to see the official transcript for the episode he was featured on)

•John S. Kastrenakes, says he will make an example of Anthony Wint during the sentencing phase.

•Prosecutors  intentionally withheld testimonies of key witnesses that could have exonerated teenage Anthony Wint 

•None of the victims at the scene testified against Anthony Wint in trial 

Anthony Wint was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Although he became aware of his condition he often struggled to separate "the voices" from reality. He was afforded no competency hearing prior to trial violating his right to due process, his Fifth Amendment right and his Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial, both Constitutional rights.


Anthony encouraging the youth to vote for 2008 election:

Voting 2008
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